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At Brakeworld we operate two distinct trading systems – Autonet and TecCom – allowing you to trade with us via the Internet, providing you are a registered customer.

Both of these systems are free of charge, apart from the VRM look-up service that may be chargeable.

Brakeworld Autonet

This trading system is hosted by MAM Software and gives you real-time access to Brakeworlds computer network allowing you to: -

You just need a PC with Internet Explorer*, and a broadband connection. Your account can be easily set up in a matter of minutes. Please contact Gareth Payne or Peter Fletcher for your user name and password, or for a free demonstration, on 0113 236 1686, or use the email link opposite.


This trading system is also known as G-Net to GAU members. If you operate a computerised trading system and use it to generate purchase orders, it may be possible for you to trade with us via the TecCom network. This advanced system lets you send enquiries directly to us from your computer, and receive instant feedback about stock availability, prices and delivery information.

* We highly recommend Internet Explorer 8 or higher to other browsers for optimum functionality.


Peter Fletcher

Gareth Payne